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My name is Asha Wilson, I’m an illustrator, designer and community arts practitioner based in South East London.
Open to collaborate and work.

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Sunflower Books


Elements of this Project:
  • A series of 7 books, each containing 6 Logo

I illustrated a series of digital books for Sunflower Books in collaboration with another illustrator who coloured the images. These books were specifically created for autistic children, the core idea being based on research that shows that children with Autism prefer to engage with materials related to an area of interest they might have a hyper-focus on.

Below is a quote from the Author that explains a little more about how this series works:

“Some pupils, such as those with autism, can be super-focused on a specific area of interest, preferring to engage with materials related to that to the exclusion of others. All the Sunflower books are about a character called Pat. Pat can be anyone or anything that appeals to the child – a cat, a train, a Lego figure, a unicorn… anything. The grey space on each page is waiting for a picture of the child’s chosen idea of ‘Pat’. Source and print out pictures of ‘Pat’ for the child to place on the book as they read”

I worked on a set of 7 digital books, each of which contain 6 individual illustrations. I loved working with Anne Sullivan to work out a colour pallet and style that would be easiest for the children using these books to digest. The project was also a brilliant exercise in collaboration, it requiring me to work closely with Chloe Barlow for a number of weeks on each illustration.

Full set of illustrations for series 1 book 4 “Rat”

Examples of some of the pages as they look in the PDF download of this series of books