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My name is Asha Wilson, I’m an illustrator, designer and community arts practitioner based in South East London.
Open to collaborate and work.

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“Garlic Tabs”

Elements of this Project:
  • Garlic Bulb shaped box design
  • Garlic clove shaped inner pill sheet
  • Outer wrap around packaging
  • Free promotional pin badge

“Garlic Tabs” is a project created by an instagram poll. In order to expand my portfolio; explore design ideas I wouldn’t think of myself and work on my problem solving ability, I asked people via instagram to suggest some design briefs, as odd and comical as they liked.

The message that inspired this project was “Garlic infuser pill, condensed garlic 1 half tab = 4 cloves garlic”

The idea behind this response was to make the packaging look as much like a bulb of garlic as possible. The box not only resembles a bulb of garlic but the wrap around is intended to emulate the flaky, papery outer layer of garlic. Making the box this shape meant an extra surface on the inside of the box was created, I wanted to take advantage of this and so drew a cartoon strip-style instructional guide rather than explaining how to use the product with words as the whole idea behind the product is to making the use of garlic as quick and uncomplicated as possible and this was very much in line with that.

Inside of “Garlic Tab” box design (Inner lid and Pill sheet layout)

Top of the “Garlic Tab” Box design

Garlic Pill Box Net

Inner Lid comic strip-style Design

Back of box design (nutritional information etc.)

Wrap around paper design

Sketch to demonstrate how the “wrap around” would function and simulate the outer layer of a bulb of garlic

Free promotional pin badges to be given away at supermarket counters