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My name is Asha Wilson, I’m an illustrator, designer and community arts practitioner based in South East London.
Open to collaborate and work.

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Service 95 - “Are Dating Apps Doing Enough To Protect Women?”

Elements of this Project:
  • Article Header
  • Social Media Post
I was commissioned by Service 95, Due Lipa’s email-based weekly newsletter, to illustrate the header for the piece “Are Dating Apps Doing Enough To Help Women?”
The illustration depicts the woman Natalie Dong and another imagined protestor standing outside the Tinder Offices protesting the insufficient support offered by the dating app to women that have been subject to abuse from individuals they connected to through the app.
I worked closely with Poppy Roy, Picture Director at Service 95, to bring the image to life and ensure that the story and mission behind Natalie Dong’s protest was properly portrayed.


Article Header Illustration with and without figures

Figures from Article Header Illustration

Social Media re-sizing of Image