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My name is Asha Wilson, I’m an illustrator, designer and community arts practitioner based in South East London.
Open to collaborate and work.

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The Lincoln Arts Centre

Elements of this project:
  • Promotional Posters for upcoming event
  • Posters promoting Membership Scheme
  • Brochure documenting upcoming events

Cultural Identity for the Lincoln Arts centre based around a modular logo, each individual part representing a different aspect of the centre (e.g. workshops, art, cinema etc.)

The modular logo is used as a way-finding tool throughout the branding of the Lincoln Arts Centre, each of the representative shapes that make up the logo being used as a design element to present upcoming/current events under that category (e.g. the shape that represents Cinema being used in the design of film showing advertisements etc.)

Features promotional posters for exhibitions/ speakers etc. posters advertising the members scheme, a brochure for upcoming events and directional signs

Promotional Posters for Upcoming events

Advertisement for the Lincoln Arts Centre members scheme

More promotional posters for upcoming events

Wayfinding for Centre using modular logo

Brochure documenting upcoming event (modular logo way-finding tool used throughout)